Using Source Connect With Us

Source Connect is a must have for any professional recording studio and its a tool we are no stranger too.

Being able to collaborate and create podcast/commercials and vocie overs with people around the world is a powerful ability.

Source Connect at Studio 2020 Chicago

Work We've Done Using Source Connect

Easy-to-make Connections

Self-configuring, easy-to-make connections No port-forwarding required, works on most networks automatically.

Easy recording

No other programs required for recording full quality, uncompressed WAV files.

Source Connect at Studio 2020 Chicago

EXTRA: Network status

Monitor your Internet bandwidth while connected, with real-time graphs.

For music and voice

Send high-quality mono, dual mono or stereo. Mono: Voiceover, radio, podcasts, interviews and more Dual mono: Two discrete microphones or timecode Stereo: High-quality music monitoring and review

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