Media Placements



  • National ad campaign; TV, radio, internet, billboards, trains, buses & bus stops, social media, in North America, Mexico, Dominican Republic & Puerto Rico – Featured on the Golden Globe Awards in 2018.

Sprint Ad Campaign

I am honored to represent the city I love, Chicago. And grateful to Sprint for choosing my studio to be the featured business in this major ad campaign on TV, radio, billboards, buses, trains and print. 



  • Main Stream Media Digital Spots All Over North America

“Sometimes being first means being unreasonable”

#FirstCall #FirstOn5G

James Foley voice over recording by our chief engineer Sam Boumoujha

Post production by The Makers Lab, via Source Connect


  • 2018 FIFA World Cup 
  • Opening Ceremony
  • 64 Games In North America, Puerto Rico & Mexico

“When the “L” goes underground, so do we. We put 20 miles of coax cable through the tunnels in Chicago to keep commuters connected. Courtesy of the Chicago transit Authority via CTA Connections on Youtube.”

Bank Of America


  • National Campaign

STUDIO 2020 CHICAGO - 2020 West Concord Place - Chicago, IL - 60647